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Without doubt you have heard of the phrase “IP address” at some point in your life, especially if you are on the computer often. Unless you are knowledgeable in the computer industry, you might not have any idea has to what an IP address is or exactly how it works.

An IP address is made to make it possible for one computer to contact one more using the World Wide Web.

What Is My IP Address

“IP” represents the term “Internet Protocol.” An Internet Protocol is a list of rules that control online activity a number of functions on the Internet.

An IP address is made up of four different numbers; each number has one to three digits, with a dot (.) splitting up every number or group of digits. Every one of the four numbers ranges from 0 to 255. Below is a good example of what an IP address may appear to be:

That set of four numbers above is the key factor that enables every single person on this planet to send out and collect information over our online connections, making certain our emails, along with any data we require, will get to the right place without a problem. If we did not have this set of numbers known as the IP address, then receiving and sending data and messages over the Internet would not be possible.

IP addresses are either classified as dynamic or static. Static IP addresses will always stay the same. They offer a simple and efficient way for distant computer systems and Internet service providers to make contact with you. Dynamic IP addresses can be changed.

Dynamic IP addresses are short-term and they are issued every time a computer gains access to the Net. They are simply, essentially, taken out from a group of IP addresses which are shared between multiple different computers.

Static IP addresses are usually used for services like a VOIP which stands for voice over Internet Protocol, Internet gaming, or any type of other function where people have to make it easy for other computer systems to find and hook up to them.

Static IP addresses are viewed as less secure compared to dynamic IP addresses, being that they are simpler to track for data purposes. On the other hand, simply following online safety rules and guidelines can help minimize any potential problems and keep your computer safe regardless of what kind of IP address you decide to use.